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Free Patterns  >  Holiday Lights Mantle Scarf
EZ Holiday Lights Mantle Scarf
62" x 22"
Holiday Lights Mantle Scarf

- Companion Angle
- Flip N Set

- 3/8 yd. Gold Metallic
- 1/2 yd. Green Print
- 5/8 yd. Red Metallic
- 2 yds. Non Directional Holiday Print
  (includes yardage for backing)
- 3 Wrights® Home Collection Tassels

Holiday Lights Mantle Scarf
Gold Metallic 6 1 1/2" Wide Strips
Green Print 6 2" Wide Strips
3 2 1/2" Squares
Red Metallic 6 3" Wide Strips
Holiday Print 1 10" Strip 9 2 1/2" Sashing Strips
1 11" Strip 3 Setting Triangles
4 2 1/2" Strips Binding

Mantle Scarf

Sew gold, green and red strips together to form six strip sets. Press seams to one side.

From strip sets, cut 28 Companion Angle triangles. There will be two different types of striped triangles, A and B. Sew sets of fourq matching Companion Angle triangles together to create blocks.
Illus. 2

Place in separate piles and label A and B. Square up blocks, press well with dry iron.

Block Units - make 3
Sew one block A and one sashing strip together. Sew a block B to other side of sashing strip. One unit complete. Make two more units.

Illus. 3A Illus. 3B

Sashing Strips - make 3
Sew a sashing strip to either side of each green square.

Illus. 4

Sew sashing strips to one side of block units as illustrated below.

Illus. 5

With Flip N' Set, cut 3 Set triangles from 11" print strip.

Sew set triangle to one block and two block units. Assemble blocks in order shown below. Trim edges even (set triangles are cut slightly larger than necessary). Layer, quilt and bind. Attach tassel to bottom of scarf as shown.

Illus. 6

Illus. 7

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