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Circle Frames & Letter Flowers

Brighten up your bedroom, a bulletin board, or locker with these fun decorations from American Girl Crafts.
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Step 1


  • Letters & Frames Garland Kit
  • Fancy Flowers Stacked Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Foam adhesive

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Step 2

BEFORE YOU START: Be careful: Stickers can adhere permanently to some surfaces. Get an adult’s permission before you put a sticker on something like a mirror, door, or furniture.

Step 3

CIRCLE FRAME: Choose a frame from the Letters & Frames Garland package.

Step 4

Remove the sample photos. Use it to cut your own photo to the correct size. Always ask an adult’s permission before you cut photos for a craft project.

Step 5

Take a 3 inch piece of ribbon from the Letters and Frames Garland package. Thread it through the holes at the top of the frame. Tie the ends in a bow or double knot.

Step 6

Place foam adhesive on the back of the frame. Peel off the backing paper and place frame in your locker. To stand, place frame on a small easel.

Step 7

LETTER FLOWERS: Chose a short word or name to spell out on the solid flower from the Letters and Frames Garland Kit.

Step 8

Select the letters and the flowers from the package. Decide if you’re going to use one letter per flower or double them up. More than one letter can fit.

Step 9

Make sure you have all the letters you need before you begin sticking them on. Peel backing paper off a letter and place it on a flower. Rub your finger around the letter to make sure it is secure.

Step 10

You can add even more decorations. Add fancy Flowers Stacked Stickers as accents around the edges, as shown in photo.

Step 11

Place foam adhesive on the back of the frame. Peel off the backing paper and place frame in your locker.

Step 12

Repeat these steps until all your Letter Flowers are finished. Now they are ready to hang.

Step 13

SMALL FLOWERS: Choose the flowers from the Fancy Flowers Stacked Stickers package.

Step 14

Peel back the backer paper from the sticker. Stick flower to bulletin board or locker.

Step 15

Repeat these steps until you have all the flowers you want. You’re ready to show your style!

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