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881740001 Simplicity Electric Scissors

Simplicity battery operated electric scissors are lightweight & easy to use. Capable of cutting paper, metal, leather, cardboard, fabric & more. Rechargeable battery and two blades included.

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Available for shipment within contiguous USA only


Status: Discontinued

Ships To: Canada, United States

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Simplicity Electric Scissors Features:
  • Battery-operated scissors do the work for you - simply push the button and go.
  • Interchangeable Scissor Heads 1 & 2 included - with two different blade weights to choose from you can cut almost any material with ease.
  • Use Scissor Head 1 to cut rigid, heavyweight materials such as cardboard, thin metal sheets and bookbinding board.
  • Use Scissor Head 2 to cut soft, flexible materials such as paper, fabric, wallpaper, vinyl and foil.
  • Scissor Heads are clearly marked and easy to install. A single button releases one head, which slides off easily. Slide the other head on until it locks in place and you're ready to cut!
  • Scissor heads can be sharpened by same methods as scissors.
  • Get smooth, accurate cutting on both straight and curved cuts.
  • Safety switch ensures that your Simplicity Electric Scissors only cut when you want them to.
  • Button-style ON/OFF switch makes operating scissors easy, safe and comfortable.
  • Charger and plug included - charging light lets you know when battery is charging.
  • Battery is fully charged after 3 hours.
  • Bright green scissors stand out in your workroom - easy to find at a glance!
  • Simplicity Electric Scissors designed for household use only.
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Simplicity Electric Scissors

881740001 Simplicity Electric Scissors


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Simplicity Electric Scissors

881740001 Simplicity Electric Scissors


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881740001 Simplicity Electric Scissors

Simplicity Electric Scissors