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NeedleMaster® Assembly Instructions

Regular Circular Needles Sizes 2-15
schematic of adding cable to knitting needle schematic of tightening cable connection to create circular knitting needle

1. Screw needles firmly onto metal connectors at each end of cable.

2. Hold needle firmly with point gripper. Insert straight end of key into hole in connector. Using the key for leverage, turn cable to tighten connection.

Stitch Holder

Make a Longer Cable

(All size needles)

schematic of adding a stitch holder (stitch cap) to the knitting cable schematic of connecting knitting cables with coupler to create a longer cable for circular needle

1. Selecting the size cable needed for the number of stitches to be held, screw a button to the connector at one end of cable.

2. Repeat the process with another button at other end of cable, after stitches have been transferred to cable.

Join two cables by screwing one metal connector end from each cable into a cable coupler. Tighten cables into coupler using point gripper and key.

Flexible Straight Needles
schematic of attaching knitting needle to one end of cable via connector schematic of attaching cable with stitch button to knitting needle

1. Using 12" cable, screw needle of desired size onto connector at one end of cable. Tighten with point gripper and key.

2. Screw button onto connector at other end of cable. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for second needle.

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