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Quilt Block for Simpli-EZ 45° Triangle™: Windmill Block

by Darlene Zimmerman

Finished Block Size: 12" x 12"

Simpli-EZ 45° Triangle™

Fabric Requirements:

  • Fat Eighth (9” X 21”) of Light Print
  • Fat Quarter (18” X 21”) of Dark Print

Cutting Directions:

  1. Cut a 6 ½” X 21” strip from both light and dark fabrics.
  2. Cut a total of 4 light 45° triangles.
  3. Cut a total of 4 dark 45° triangles.
  4. Cut two 4 ½” squares from dark fabric. Cut these once on the diagonal, forming 4 triangles.

Sewing Directions:

1. Sew the light and dark triangles together in pairs. Press seam allowances toward the dark triangles.
2. Sew two pairs together to make a half circle. Press seam allowances towards the light triangles. Repeat to make two half circles.
3. Matching and pinning the center, sew the two halves together. Pop a few seams in the center and press the seams going around the center.
4. Center and sew the dark corner triangles to the four light triangles. Press toward the corners. At this point your block should measure 12 ½” X 12 ½”.

Other Application for the Simpli-EZ 45° Triangle™ Tool:

A Thousand Pyramids

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