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Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring™ Quilt

by Darlene Zimmerman

Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring™

Fabric Requirements: See cutting tables and yardage charts below.

Cutting Directions:

1. Cut 10 ¼” strips for the center squares. Cut into the required number of 10 ¼” squares needed for the project you are making. Using the widest curved edge of the Double Wedding Ring tool, align the line on the tool with one edge of the square. Cut the outside curve.
2. Cut a 7 ¼” strip from the same fabric as the centers. Open the strip, and then fold over approximately 1 ½” and place line in the middle of the small melon shapes on the fold. Cut. Repeat to cut the required number of melon shapes.
3. From the two colors you have chosen for the four-patch intersection, cut 2 9/16” strips. Using the 2 9/16” square at the bottom of the tool, cut the required number of squares (TIP: 2 9/16” is just slightly larger in measurement than 2 ½”).
4. From a variety of prints, cut 2 ¾” strips. Use the “A” wedge shape in the package to cut the required number of small wedge shapes.
5. From two prints (or a variety of prints), cut an equal number of “B” shapes and “B” reversed shapes. An easy way to do this is to cut the “B” shapes with the fabric strip folded with right sides together (as we normally cut from our strips).

Assembly Directions:

1. Sew 6 "A" wedges together to form an arc. Add a "B" shape to both ends of the arc. Press the seams all in one direction. NOTE: If you have planned your colors, half the arcs will have the colors running in one direction and half the arcs will have the colors running in the opposite direction.
2. Match centers and ends of each pieced arc to a melon. Pin and sew. Press seams toward the melon piece.
3. Sew two different squares to both ends of the opposite colored arcs (if using planned colors). Press seams toward the squares.
4. Sew the units from Step 3 to the arc and melon from Step 2. Press seams toward the melon pieces. Make the desired number of melon/arc units in the same manner.
5. Sew the two melon/arc units to adjacent sides of a center, placing two different color squares at the corners. TIP: The point on the center square should extend exactly ¼” from the arcs.
6. Piece together the rows as shown, watching the placement of the colors of the squares at the intersections.
7. Sew the rows together. Add melon/arc units around the outside edges as needed.

Finishing the Quilt:

1. Layer, baste and quilt as desired. Before binding, baste around the edge of the quilt a scant ¼” from the edge to hold the layers together and keep them from stretching.
2. Cut 1 ¼” strips of single bias binding. Join the ends with a ¼” diagonal seam, pressed open.
3. Sew binding to the quilt with a ¼” seam. Start about 4” from an inside “V” with an edge that has been turned under ¼”. Stitch until you reach the bottom of the “V”, and stop with the needle down. Lift the presser foot; pivot the quilt and the binding to stitch out the “V”. With a stiletto or seam ripper, move any pleats that form out of the way, lower the presser foot and stitch out the “V”.
4. Continue stitching in this manner, overlapping the beginning tail. Trim excess batting and backing evenly, and then turn the binding under ¼” and stitch down by hand on the back of the quilt, forming a pleat in the binding at each “V”.

Cutting Tables for Double Wedding Ring Quilt:

Quilt SizeBlocksCentersMelonsTotal "A" WedgesTotal "B" WedgesSmall Squares
Table Runner - 18 ½” X 43 ½” 3 3 10 120 40 20
Lap Quilt -56” X 49” Set 5 X 6 20 20 49 588 196 98
Twin Quilt - 69” X 82” Set 5 X 6 30 30 71 852 284 142
Queen Quilt - 94” X 94” Set 7 X 7 49 49 112 1344 448 224
King Quilt -106 ½” X 106 ½” Set 8 X 8 64 64 144 1728 576 288


Yardages are figured for 6 different pints for the “A” wedges and two different prints for the “B” wedges and small squares. If you prefer the “A” and “B” wedges to be scrappy, add the yardages together to give you the total yardage needed for the size you have chosen.

Quilt SizeCenters & Melons"A" Wedges"B" WedgesSmall Squares
Table Runner 5/8 yd. 6 – 2 ¾” x 42” 2 – 2 ¾” X 42” 2 – 2 9/16” X 42”
Lap Quilt 2 1/3 yds. 6 - ½ yd. 2 – ½ yd. 2 – 1/3 yd.
Twin Quilt 3 3/8 yds. 6 – 5/8 yd. 2 – 2/3 yd. 2 – ½ yd.
Queen Quilt 5 ½ yds. 6 – 7/8 yd. 2 – 1 yd. 2 – ¾ yd.
King Quilt 6 2/3 yds. 6 – 1 yd. 2 – 1 ¼ yd. 2 – 1 yd.

Single Bias Binding

is used for all sizes. The binding is cut as 1 ¼” wide strips on the bias grain:

Quilt SizeTotal LengthYardage
Table Runner 150” Fat Quarter
Lap Quilt 300” ½ yd.
Twin Quilt 375” ½ yd.
Queen Quilt 475” 2/3 yd.
King Quilt 525” 1 yd.

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