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Simpli-EZ Tri-Mate™: Tri-Mate Quilt Block

Simpli-EZ Tri-Mate™

Finished Block Size: 15” x 15”

Fabric Requirements:

Fabric Requirements for Lap or Twin Size

  • Main Color – ½ yard
  • Accent Color – 1/8 yard

Cutting Directions:

  1. From main color cut:
    • One 6 ½” X 42” strip. Cut into four 6 ½” squares.
    • One 3 ½” X 42” strip. Cut into eight Tri-Rec triangles.
    • Two 2 ¼” X 42” strips for binding.
    • 8-1/4 yards for Backing
  2. From accent color cut:
    • One 3 ½” X 3 ½” square for block center.
    • Two 2” X 42” strips. Cut into eight Tri-Mate™ triangles. Be sure to trim off the tips of the triangles as shown in the tutorial.

Assembling the Block

1. Sew a Tri-Rec triangle to one side of the Tri-MateTM triangle, matching the corners. Press seams towards the Tri-MateTM triangle. Repeat for all of the triangles until you have eight two-patch units.
2. Pin and match centers and ends of two of the units. Sew together and press the seam open. Repeat with remaining units until you have four four-patch units.
3. Sew one unit between two main color squares. Press seams towards the squares. Repeat to make a second patched unit.
4. Sew the 3 ½” X 3 ½” center block between the remaining two four-patch units. Press seams towards the center block.
5. Sew all three units together as shown in the photo to form the completed block.

Finishing the Block:

1. Layer the block with batting and backing if desired. Quilt. Hand-baste around the edges of the block to hold the layers together.
2. Join the binding ends with a diagonal seam, pressed open. Fold in half, wrong sides together, and press to make a double binding.
3. Sew to the quilt block with ¼” seams, mitering the corners. Trim off excess batting and backing.
4. Turn the binding to the back side and stitch down by hand with matching thread.

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