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Beaded Wine Charms




Beaded Wine CharmsBeaded Wine Charms
The perfect accessory to Simplicity pattern 1483, these easy wine charms add a touch of elegance to your next party, while helping your guests keep track of their beverages.

Materials Needed:

  • Four narrow-gauge hoop earrings, measuring approximately 1" to 1-1/2" in diameter
    TIP: look for continuous hoop earrings that close within themselves for best results. Earrings that have a clip-bar or backing closure will also work, but continuous hoops will appear seamless when closed and allow the beads to move freely over the entire hoop.
  • Assorted beads – the number of beads needed will depend on the size of the beads and your personal preference.
    TIP: Be sure to choose beads with a large center hole, so that the hoop earring will pass through the hole. Have the hoops handy when selecting beads so you can test before purchasing.


  1. Thread beads directly onto earring in pattern as desired. You can place as many or as few as you like, beads can cover part of the hoop as shown in photo or go all around.
  2. Close earring securely. TIP: If using a continuous hoop, you may want to add a drop of clear-drying jewelry glue to the ends to keep the earring closed permanently. Allow to dry completely before using.

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