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Fall Fleece Vest

Image of vest with Fall leaf appliques

This vest is made with a Simplicity Pattern and we've left off the facings and button and button holes and simply edged the entire garment with a contrasting color in Wrights Fleece Binding. Then we added the leaves to it to add a little seasonal flair. The leaves are made from felt which compliments and contrasts nicely with the fleece fabric.

Materials Needed:


  1. From Simplicity pattern, cut out 2 each of vest fronts and back (one set will be lining), omitting the facings.
  2. Stitch both vest and lining according to instructions in pattern.
  3. Attach lining to vest, wrong sides together, and top stitch (or use an overlock machine stitch) around all edges to stabilize them and make it easier to apply binding.
  4. Apply Wrights Fleece Binding around all raw edges.
  5. Print out pattern for leaves, and cut out shapes.
  6. Transfer leaves to felt and cut out two of each type of leaf for a total of six leaves. (NOTE: You can vary the sizes of the leaves and place as many as you wish on your vest - be creative!).
  7. Glue or stitch leaves to front of vest. Hand stitch in a blanket or whip stitch around the edges of the leaves for a more decorative look. (Hint: If you want to change the leaf patterns to another design for Thanksgiving, glue one or two with a re-usable glue - then create cut-outs for a Turkey, Pilgrim's Hat and Corn!)
  8. Enjoy!

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