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Back to School Bus Frame

Image of Bus-shaped picture frame for school pictures

Make this school bus picture frame to celebrate the kids going back to school (or for their first time)! Not only does this bus show off those memorable photos, it can also hold your child's beautiful art work on the refrigerator. Or you can omit the magnetic strips and put it in your scrap book. Either way it is a memory to save forever! One for each year!

Materials Needed:


  1. Print and cut out our school bus and wheel pattern.
  2. Trace school bus pattern onto yellow craft foam and cut out.
  3. Trace two wheel patterns onto yellow craft foam and cut out.
  4. Cut out bus windows with pen knife.
  5. Cut two pieces of black twill tape (one 9" and one 11").
  6. Cut two pieces of Yellow Baby Rick Rack (one 9" and one 11").
  7. Glue Baby Rick Rack down the middle of each of the pieces of black twill tape.
  8. Glue both black twill pieces onto face of bus.
  9. Glue appliqués to the front of bus.
  10. Starting behind one of the appliqués begin gluing the skirt of the maxi piping to the back around the entire perimeter of the bus, ending at your starting point. The corded part of the piping will be exposed. Hint:To ease making it go around corners and curves, cut the skirt of the piping just to the cording.
  11. Glue skirt of maxi piping around the wheels. For a more finished look glue the beginning and end of the piping 1/4" onto the backside of the wheel.
  12. Glue a button to center of each wheel.
  13. Glue wheels onto face of bus.
  14. Cut and tape your favorite back to school photos in the windows.
  15. Cut four 2" pieces of magnetic strip.
  16. Peel off backing of magnetic strip and adhere to the back four corners of the bus.
  17. Enjoy!

Now you're ready to put your bus on the refrigerator and use it to hold up your child's wonderful art work. You can make a fleet of buses, one for each child.

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