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Bloom Loom Crystal Snowflake

Bloom Loom Crystal Snowflake

Use the Boye® Bloom Loom to make this beautiful Crystal Snowflake. Make several to decorate your tree and house for the holidays or to add to your gifts!


  • Boye® Bloom Loom
  • Assorted Crystal Beads
  • 1 spool 24 Gauge Wire
  • Round Nose Pliers


1. Create a Crystal Snowflake by following the basic instructions for making a one-sided flower which accompany the Bloom Loom tool. However, instead of wrapping multiple layers around each peg, wrap one layer of wire around the outside pegs only.

2. Bind off all wired pegs as directed in the Bloom Loom instructions.

3. After you remove the flower from the loom, pinch the end of each arm with round nose pliers to create a point. This will help to guide beads onto arms.

4. Guide one bead on an arm and slide to center of your snowflake.

5. Open the wires of the arm and guide a pencil or dowel between wires.

6. Pinch the wire together above the pencil to form a circle.

7. Continue to guide beads onto arm. When desired number of beads are on the arm, open point of wire slightly to keep the final bead on arm.

8. Continue to bead each arm of snowflake. Alternate designs so that you have 6 arms with one bead design and 6 arms with another bead design.

9. Glue a crystal gem to each side of center of snowflake to finish.

10. Enjoy!

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