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Felted Coasters

Designed by Rebekah Meier




Felted Coasters
These geometric design felted coasters created using the Simplicity® Hand Felting Machine make a great gift for any occasion – so easy, you'll want to make several sets, including one for yourself!

You will need:


  1. Place roving onto wool felt square. Place wool square onto foam and needle felt roving in place.
  2. Continue adding roving until a square, rectangle or other desired shape is created. TIP: Sometimes roving can be unfurled and cut into shapes before placing onto wool felt.
  3. Place a second wool square against the back of the first square and needle felt, securing both squares together and creating a firm coaster.
  4. Place scrap pieces of wool felt in complimentary colors as desired to form patterns and textures, and needle felt in place.
  5. For added design details, hand embroider straight stitches around needle-felted roving.
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