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Nautical Home Accessories

Image of nautical-themes curtain valence

The cool restful feel of the ocean is not only for summer. Decorate your room, so easily, in our nautical theme and enjoy it all year round.

Materials Needed:


To cover pre-made cornice:

  1. For fabric, measure entire cornice and add 2 inches for allowance on all edges.
  2. Lay fabric over top edge of cornice and staple in place. (Hint: To prevent puckering of fabric, start at center of cornice and work out.) Miter corners, pull fabric over cornice returns and staple to inside of cornice.
  3. Pull fabric tight over front face of cornice and staple to inside of cornice at bottom.
  4. Trim entire outside edge of cornice with maxi rick rack.
  5. Enlarge sailboat pattern to suit your dimensions.
  6. Trace sail pattern onto white felt and hull pattern onto red felt. Cut. (Arrange sailboats onto your project first before gluing.)
  7. Glue Baby Rick Rack down the middle of each of the pieces of black twill tape.
  8. Glue hull in place leaving a space for the mast.
  9. Cut cord the height of the longest sail plus 1 inch. This is the mast of your sailboat. (Hint: When cutting, always tape ends of cord to prevent fraying. Cut in center of tape.)
  10. Glue mast to hull.
  11. Glue sails over mast.
  12. Attach "L" brackets to the top inside edges of cornice. Follow instructions on package to mount cornice to wall.

Decorate a premade valance with sail boats and cord for a different look.

Finishing touches for cornice or valance:

  • 13. For small flags at top of sail, cut a 4 inch piece of rick rack. Fold and glue rick rack ends under and apply to mast.
  • 14. For ocean waves, cut a 6 inch piece of rick rack. Fold and glue rick rack ends under and apply to bottoms of boats.
  • 15. Sea gulls and extra waves may be made using techniques found in steps 12 and 13.


Other ideas:

  • Make extra sailboats to decorate lamps, pillows or curtains.
  • Catch edges of rick rack in seams of pillow for a fresh look.
  • For added fun, rick rack may be sewn to outside edge of draperies or used as tabs or tie backs on premade panels.

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