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Gift Mitten

Image of mitten bag made of felt

Here's a twist on wrapping holiday gifts. We've got a mitten that makes a nice gift bag for a friend or a substitute for a holiday stocking. It is so easy to make and decorate, and is so cute! Make one or a few and fill them with goodies for those you love.

Materials Needed:


  1. Using the mitten pattern, cut two pieces of red felt.
  2. Place them right sides together. Stitch or glue using a 1/4" seam allowance.
  3. Turn right side out.
  4. Glue each end of this piece into the inside, top of the mitten, creating the hanger.
  5. Outline the shape of the mitten with medium rick rack, gluing in place.
  6. Cut the gingerbread man from the tan felt, using the pattern provided.
  7. Glue two half pearls in place for his eyes.
  8. Glue buttons down the front.
  9. Tie the narrow red ribbon into a bow, glue to his neck.
  10. Outline the entire shape of the gingerbread man with baby rick rack, gluing in place.
  11. Cut a small piece of baby rick rack and glue into position for mouth.
  12. Glue gingerbread man to front of mitten.

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