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Pearl Choker




Pearl Choker
This elegant accessory is the perfect Period accent for WWI-Era costume pattern 1517. Its white and pearl color scheme is also lovely for weddings and Victorian-inspired attire. Great for Gothic and Steampunk looks too – just substitute white lace for black, with jet or garnet bead trims!

Materials Needed:


  1. Cut the Venice lace trim to a 12" length, or as close to this length as possible while still keeping the points of the lace intact.

  2. Cut 12 (twelve) lengths of fused pearl trim, each measuring 4-5/8" each. Cut another 12 (twelve) lengths of fused pearl trim, each measuring 3-7/8" each.
  3. Lay the Venice lace trim on a flat surface with the WRONG side facing you.
  4. Arrange two longer lengths and two shorter lengths of fused pearl trim as shown, with the shorter ones on the outside and the longer ones inside. Place the tops of each length on the Venice lace, at the "V" formed between two points. Hand stitch in place.

  5. In between the next two points, take the two lengths of pearl trim closest to the next "V" and bring them over in a loop. Add another short and long length of pearl trim next to these and sew all four connections in place.

  6. Repeat Step 5 until you have loops running the length of the Venice trim. Form loops at the ends using the two loose ends of trim and connecting them to the lace as shown.

  7. Sew the horsehair braid to the WRONG side of the Venice lace, covering the pearl ends and lining up the top of the braid to the top of the lace as closely as possible. The horsehair braid adds stiffness to the lace, giving it more body for wearing.

  8. Cut the 1/8" wide ribbon in half. Fold back one end of the ribbon 1/4" and place it on the WRONG side of one end of the choker, centering it. Hand stitch in place. Repeat with other ribbon on other end of the choker.

  9. Cut the 1/4" wide ribbon in half. Fold one 3" length in half and place over the end of the choker, with the fold placed over the upper edge. Hand stitch ribbon in place, encasing the end of the choker for a clean finish. Repeat with other length of ribbon on other end of choker.

  10. On RIGHT side, place pearl drop beaded fringe along the upper edge of the choker. Hand stitch in place.

  11. To wear, place the choker closely around your neck and tie the ribbons in back in a bow. Trim off excess ribbon as needed.

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