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Bloom Loom Ribbon Pointsettia

ribbon ornament

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Use the Boye® Bloom Loom to make this beautiful poinsettia. Make several to decorate your tree and house for the holidays or to add to your gifts!

Materials Needed:

  1. For large and small flowers, follow instructions that accompany your Bloom Loom, substituting yarn with 1/8" whimsicle ribbon. Be careful not to let ribbon turn as you guide ribbon around pegs.
  2. After flower is sewn, remove from loom. Petals may be shaped to form various styles of flower. Pinch the ends of each petal to form pointed petals. Open each end of the petals with a pencil or dowel to create rounded petals. Refer to photo as your guide.
  3. For flowers with beaded centers, make three layers of large petals (outer pegs) and one layer of small petals (inner pegs). Pinch end of each smaller petal together, guide a bead onto petal and reopen petal to keep bead in place.
  4. Enjoy!

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