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Tassel Earrings




Tassel Earrings Tassel Earrings
These fun earrings start with lightweight Wrights® tassels – add some beads, jewelry findings and imagination to transform them into fabulous accessories for any occasion. Also make great gifts!

Materials Needed:

  • Two tassels – we used chainette styles, but you can choose beaded, ribbon or metallic styles. HINT: check the weight carefully when choosing beaded tassels or styles with decorative heads to keep them light and comfortable to wear.
  • Two earring findings – these can be French wire or post back styles, depending on your preference.
  • Fine gauge jewelry wire, 20-28 gauge, in color and material of your choice. HINT: the higher the gauge, the finer the wire.
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Matching Thread
  • Assorted decorative beads


  1. Wire wrap over the original wrapped sections on the tassels.
  2. Cut the hanging loop off of each tassel.
  3. With needle and thread, thread up through the bottom of the tassel, through tassel head and string beads as desired. String earring finding on top of beads, using the loop included on the finding.
  4. Bring the needle over the earring finding loop and back through the beads and tassel, leaving a small length of thread at the base of the beads. Repeat three times to completely secure the earring elements. Knot at the underside of the tassel to secure.
  5. Wire wrap over the thread length, in between the beads and the tassel head.

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