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Tassel Key Chain




Tassel Key Chain
Silky Wrights® chainette tassels make it easy to find your keys with style to spare. Express your style by adding on dangles, beads and charms.

Materials Needed:


    Slide the tassel loop through the split key ring to create the basic Tassel Key Chain. Add on embellishments as desired – use the following techniques, as shown in photo:

    Dangle Charm
    1. Attach a 2" length of jewelry chain onto split key ring, using a jump ring and needle nose pliers.
    2. Attach charm onto opposite end of chain, using a jump ring and needle nose pliers.

    Lobster Clasp
    1. Attach lobster clasp onto split key ring, using two jump rings and needle nose pliers. This will allow you to clasp the key ring onto other things, such as a purse or belt.

    Beaded Tassel
    1. Cut the hanging loop off of a tassel.
    2. With a hand sewing needle and matching thread, thread up through the bottom of the tassel, through the tassel head; string beads as desired.
    3. String jump ring on top of the beads.
    4. Bring the needle and thread up over the jump ring and back down through the beads and tassel head. Repeat 3 more times to completely secure the beads and jump ring to the tassel.
    5. Knot the thread at the underside of the beads, knotting between the bottom bead and the tassel head, to secure. Clip off excess thread.
    6. Attach the beaded tassel onto the split key ring, using a jump ring and needle nose pliers.

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