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Victorian Bouquet: "Tussy Mussy"

Image of small hand bouquet of african violets

A Tussy Mussy, according to legend, is a small Victorian bouquet made with lace and dried flowers, usually picked along the roadsides of New England.

You can make one just like ours, by following the easy directions below. Place it on an end table or in an antique cup, and be ready for the compliments!

Materials Needed:


Venice Collar
  1. Cut cabone ring on a diagonal to open ring.
  2. Feed straight edge of venice onto ring using openings in the lace as your guide. Feed all lace onto ring.
  3. Glue raw ends of venice together with fabri-tac. Let dry.
  4. Pin lace ring onto a piece of foam board or cardboard. Pin each point so that lace forms a circle.
  5. Spray venice circle with fabric stiffener. Let dry completely. Remove from board. This is your venice collar.
Nose Gay
  1. Make a small bunch of violets with violet bush. You may have to cut two or three stems from the bush for a smaller bouquet. Tape all ends with floral tape.
  2. Feed the bunch of violets through the hole in the venice.
  3. Make a bow and streamers with satin ribbon.
  4. Attach bow to underside of venice. Be sure lace collar is snug against the bouquet and that the bow is up snug against the collar.
  5. Enjoy!

Gold Sequin Collar
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