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Winter Birdhouse Table Decoration

Image of winter birdhouse decoration

Make this festive bird house as a centerpiece for your holiday table or mantel. It will brighten any corner in your home over the holiday season.

Materials Needed:


  1. Lightly sand bird house. Wipe off any excess dust with a paper towel.
  2. Paint the roof and base red. Let dry. (You may need more than one coat.)
  3. Paint sides of house green. Let dry. (You may need more than one coat.)
  4. Glue White Jumbo Rick Rack around the base of house and to the edge and top of roof with the white craft glue (See photo).
  5. Glue Scarlet Rick Rack to all the edges of the green sides of the house with white glue. (See photo).
  6. Glue a small amount of moss to the top of the roof and front point, the corners of the base, and the bird hole (See photo).
  7. Hot glue greenery, stars and pine cones to the front corners and the top of the roof.
  8. Hot glue birds to base and roof.
  9. Tie a simple bow with the red ribbon and glue to top of house.

You can also collect greenery and pine cones from your yard to place around your bird house to complete your centerpiece.

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