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Part 3: All About Sleeves


Setting in sleeves is probably the trickiest part to sew on tiny doll clothes. The best way to do it is upside down, compared to the way sleeves are normally sewn in. Follow these steps for best results:

  1. Finish the bottom of the sleeve with a hem, trim or cuff.
  2. Lay the sleeve, right side facing up, next to the presser foot.
  3. Take the armhole of the body of the garment. Match up the edge of the armhole with the edge of the sleeve, with right sides facing each other.



  4. Put these matched pieces together underneath the presser foot and make a few stitches to start:



    While sewing, stretch the inside curve of the armhole (which should be the upper piece) to fit the outside curve of the top of the sleeve (the lower piece), matching notches or other markings as you sew.



  5. Last, sew up the side seam of the top and sleeve seam.



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