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Designed by Brenda Myers
As seen in Jo-Ann© FASHIONfusion Magazine


This trendy Chain Link Scarf is the perfect accessory for any occasion. The links are knit on the 8-peg end of the Boye® Jumbo Spool Knitter and then joined to form a chain. Make your scarf as short or as long as you wish and wear it to suit your individual style.

Skill Level:



    Approximately 75" (190 cm) long

Materials Needed:


    Gauge is not critical for this project. Each link is approximately 6" (15 cm) long when folded. There is also approximately 1" (2.5 cm) overlap when joining the links. The scarf shown in photo contains 15 (fifteen) links to form a 75" (190 cm) chain.


Using the 8-peg end of the Boye Jumbo Spool Knitter, cast on in the round using the double e-wrap method as follows:
  • Anchor the beginning yarn tail by making a slipknot, dropping it through the middle of the spool loom, and securing it to one of the pegs on the 5-peg end of the loom.
  • On peg-1 *e-wrap twice and knit the bottom loop over the top loop; repeat from * on the remaining seven pegs to complete cast on.

E-wrap and knit all rounds until the link is approximately 13" (33 cm) long.
Note: to promote a more consistent appearance, e-wrap and knit about three pegs in succession instead of e-wrapping an entire round.


Bind off when there is only one loop on each peg using the provisional method as follows:
  • Cut yarn leaving about a 24" (61 cm) yarn tail.
  • Thread the ending yarn tail onto a yarn needle.
  • Insert the yarn needle from the bottom of the peg-1 loop and push it to the top of the loop; leave this loop on peg-1.
  • Insert the yarn needle from the bottom of the next peg; push it to the top and off the peg.
  • Repeat the previous step on remaining pegs, ending with peg-1.
  • Do not gather. Adjust the bind off edge to match the cast on edge.


Create your first link by sewing the cast on and bind off ends of your first chain together using mattress stitch, or other stitch as desired. Weave in ends.

After completing the second link, thread it through the middle of the completed first link and sew the cast on and bind off edges together to form the next link. Continue making links and joining for the desired scarf length.