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As seen in Jo-Ann© FASHIONfusion Magazine


Pre-shirred, elasticized fabric is the secret behind this super-easy dress that's ready to go in an hour! Shimmering taffeta is perfect for that special occasion, or choose a pretty cotton print for daytime wear. Available at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores®



  1. Measure the bust or chest, measuring all around. Subtract 1" from this body measurement. This is the amount of yardage you will need. When purchasing fabric be sure to measure from the SHIRRED side of the fabric to purchase the correct yardage.
  2. With the RIGHT sides of the fabric facing each other, match the long cut edges of the fabric and pin together, forming a tube. Stitch together in a 1/2" seam.
    Press seam open.
  3. Hem the dress to the length desired.

Optional Straps:

  1. Cut the ribbon in four equal lengths, each measuring 18" long.
  2. Try on dress. Place one ribbon at each shoulder front, and one ribbon at each corresponding shoulder back. Pin each ribbon to the WRONG side of the dress bodice.
  3. Hand stitch straps securely in place.
  4. Try on dress again and tie ribbons into bows, forming shoulder straps. Hand tack bows together to secure. Trim off excess ribbon.