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Men's Steep Diagonal Scarf

Photo and Instructions courtesy of Caron® Yarns
Designed by Lorna Miser





Men's Steep Diagonal Scarf
This scarf is knit in an easy diagonal pattern with a chunky texture while staying lightweight. Make it long so it can be folded or wrapped for extra warmth. A great gift!

Skill Level: Easy


    st(s) = stitch(es); RS = right side; p = purl; k = knit


    7" [18 cm] wide X 60" [152 cm] long

Materials Needed:


    In stockinette stitch, 18 sts and 24 rows = 4" [10 cm] Take time to check your gauge.


    Pattern Stitch
    Row 1 (RS): (P3, k3) across.
    Row 2: (P3, k3) across.
    Row 3: (K1, p3, k2) across.
    Row 4: (P2, k3, p1) across.
    Row 5: (K2, p3, k1) across.
    Row 6: (P1, k3, p2) across.
    Row 7: (K3, p3) across.
    Row 8: (K3, p3) across.
    Row 9: (P1, k3, p2) across.
    Row 10: (K2, p3, k1) across.
    Row 11: (P2, k3, p1) across.
    Row 12: (K1, p3, k2) across.
    Repeat Rows 1-12 for pattern.

    Cast on 36 sts.
    Work in Pattern Stitch until scarf measures approximately 60" [152 cm] or desired length.
    Bind off.


    Weave in all ends.

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