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Twisty Cowl

Designed by Gloria Tracy




Twisty Cowl
Keep toasty warm with this easy-to knit Twisty Cowl. Directions are given to make the scarf either flat or in the round. You choose the method that you enjoy the most!

Skill Level: Beginner


    BO-bind off; CO-cast on; rep-repeat; rnd(s)-round(s); RS-Right Side; st(s)-stitch(es)


    One size, approximately 28" (71 mm) in circumference

Materials Needed:


    9 sts = 4" (10 cm) in stockinette st; row gauge is not critical for this project. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Special Techniques:

    Twist in the round
    If working in the round, make the twist before joining as follows:
    Lay the needle on a flat surface with the cast on stitches lying along the inside of the needle. With your left thumb and forefinger, hold the first cast on stitch on the left needle and turn it clockwise all the way around the needle: 360 degrees. Place a stitch marker on the right hand needle to indicate beginning of round, insert the right hand point into the first turned stitch and knit away. The twist is made!

    Twist in rows
    Complete the scarf then lay it on a flat surface right side up. Turn one end of the scarf all the way around - 360 degrees – and seam the ends together from this position.


    The scarf can be made in the round by making the twist before joining, eliminating a later seam, or it can be made flat with the twist made before a final finishing seam. See Special Techniques for twist instructions.

    CO 64 sts.

    To Work in Rounds
    Twist cast-on as described above.
    Rnds 1 – 4: Knit.
    Rnds 5 – 8: Purl.
    Repeat Rnds 1 – 8 one more time, then work Rnds 1 – 4 once more.
    BO loosely.

    To Work in Rows
    Rows 1 and 3 (RS): Knit.
    Rows 2 and 4: Purl.
    Rows 5 and 7: Purl.
    Rows 6 and 8: Knit.
    Repeat Rows 1 – 8 one more time, then work Rows 1 – 4 once more.
    BO loosely. Twist cowl as described above, and sew seam.


    Weave in ends.

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