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Felted Flower Slipper Socks

Designed by Mimi & Nena

Orange Felted Flower Slippers knitting pattern

Skill Level: Easy
Yarn Size: #4


beg - beginning; BO - bind off; cont - continue; CO - cast on; k - knit; k2tog-knit two together; p - purl; pm - place marker; psso - pass slipped stitch over; pu - pick up; rem - remain(s)(ing); rep - repeat; RH - right hand; rnd(s) - round(s); RS - right side; sl - slip; st(s) - stitch(es); skp - slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped st over—1 st decreased; st st - stockinette stitch; WS - wrong side;


SMALL (9") fits women's sizes 6-7 1/2
MEDIUM (9 1/2") fits women's sizes 8-8 1/2
LARGE (10") fits women's sizes 9-10 or men's 7-8


  • 4 oz #4 Worsted Weight Yarn
  • FlowersPurchased felt flowers, felt pieces or old sweaters that have been felted (Instructions below)

Knitting Needles, size 7 (4.5 mm)or size needed to obtain gauge
1 pair Boye® Suede Slipper Soles in appropriate size
#22 tapestry needle, stitch holder, stitch markers, Scissors
Sewing Thread, Embroidery Floss, Fabric Glue, Pins


20 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) in stockinette st. *Take time to check gauge.*

KNITTED SOCK (make two)

CO 46 (50, 50) sts loosely, leaving 20" for sewing side seam.


  • Begin rib pattern, Row 1 Sl 1, p1, *k1, p1; rep from * across.
  • Rep Row 1 for 9".

  • Heel
  • K20 (22, 22) sts, place rem 26 (28, 28) sts on holder for instep. Work heel flap in St st (k RS rows, p WS rows) for 2 3/4 (3, 3)", ending with a WS row. Bind off next (knit) row tightly—1 st rem.

  • Gusset and Instep
  • With RS facing, pu 9 (11, 11) sts along inside edge of heel flap—10 (12, 12) sts. K2 from holder, pm, work in rib pattern across 22 (24, 24) sts from holder, pm, k2 from holder, turn. CO 10 (12, 12) sts for opposite gusset—46 (52, 52) sts.

  • Shape gussets
  • Row 1 (WS) Sl 1, p to marker, work in established rib to next marker, p to end.
  • Row 2 (RS) Sl 1, k to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, rib to next marker; skp, k to end—44 (50, 50) sts.
  • Rep previous 2 rows 5 (7, 7) times more—34 (36, 36) sts. Rep Row 1 once more.

  • Instep
  • Row 1 Sl 1, (p1, k1) 2 times, p1, sl marker, skp, k to 2 sts before next marker, k2tog, (p1, k1) 3 times—32 (34, 34) sts.
  • Row 2 Rib to marker, p to next marker, rib to end.
  • Rep previous 2 rows 3 (3, 2) times more—26 (28, 30) sts.

  • Foot
  • Row 1 Sl 1, rib to marker, k to next marker, rib to end.
  • Row 2 Sl 1, rib to marker, p to next marker, rib to end.
  • Rep these 2 rows until sock measures 7 (7 1/2, 8)" from beg of gusset shaping, end with WS row.

  • Shape Toe
  • Row 1: (RS) Sl 1, rib to marker, (skp) 2 times, k to 4 sts before marker, (k2tog) 2 times, rib to end—22 (24, 26) sts.
  • Row 2 (WS) Sl 1, rib to marker, p to next marker, rib to end.
  • Rep previous 2 rows once more, remove markers after last row—18 (20, 22) sts.
  • Row 5 Sl 1, rib 3 sts, (skp) twice, k to last 8 sts, (k2tog) twice, rib to end—14 (16, 18) sts.
  • Row 6 Sl 1, rib 3 sts, p to last 4 sts, rib to end.
  • Row 7 (Skp) 2 times, k to last 4 sts, (k2tog) 3 times—10 (12, 14) sts.
  • BO all sts in purl.


With tapestry needle, seam cuff, heel and gusset, Center heel on back seam of sole bottom with center of toe to front of sole, fitted to the inside of the sole sides. Pin evenly around. With tapestry needle, whipstitch slipper top to sole.

Flower Embellishments

Choose premade felted flowers and leaves, make your own using pieces of felt, or use old woolen sweaters that have been felted.

To felt sweaters:
Wash 100% wool sweaters in medium water temp with a mild laundry soap two to three times. Check the density of the sweater after each cycle to see if it is thick enough. Dry sweaters gently in dryer. This will shrink the sweaters and bind the wool fibers so you can cut the wool without it fraying.
Cut out templates and place on the back side of the felted wool and pin. Cut out 3 to 5 flowers and 5 to 7 leaves. Cut out several thin strips of felt approximately ¼" wide for stems and center of flowers.
Place flowers and leaves onto slippers and pin down or adhere with a small drop of fabric glue to hold in place while you sew on. See photo for placement.
With needle and floss or yarn, sew a running stitch around the outside of each leaf and flower.
Coil strips and sew down to center of flowers with needle and thread.


Slipper sock soles are hand washable with mild detergent. Consider the yarn you used to make your slipper socks before washing. After washing and rinsing, gently squeeze out excess water. Stuff with clean paper or cloth to retain shape. Allow to air dry.

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