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Knitted Slipper Socks

Knitted Slipper Socks


bet – between; CO - cast on; dec – decrease; est – established; K – knit; K2tog - knit 2 together; rem – remaining; P – purl; pm - place marker; psso - pass slip stitch over; pu - pick up; RS - right side; sl – slip; st(s) - stitch(es); St st - stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row); WS - wrong side; yo - yarn over


SMALL (9") fits women’s sizes 6 - 7½
MEDIUM (9 1/2") fits women’s sizes 8 - 8½
LARGE (10") fits women’s sizes 9 - 10


Size 7 Boye® knitting needles (or size required to obtain gauge)
1 pair Boye® slipper sock bottoms
3 (4, 4) oz #4 worsted weight yarn
(Original model made using Caron Simply Soft Shadows color #0004 Autumn)
#22 tapestry needle, stitch holder, stitch markers


With size 7 needles in St st, 17sts = 4 inches *Take time to check gauge*

Directions are given for size Small. Size Medium and Large are in ( ).


Note: Slip 1st st on every row to make firm edge.
CO 34 (38, 38) sts loosely. Leave 20" tail for sewing side seam.

Pattern row: sl1,*yo, k2tog* repeat bet **, end k1.
Repeat for 6 rows.

Row 1: sl1,*k1, p1* repeat from * * to end of row, end k1.
Rep Row 1 ribbing pattern for 6 inches or desired length.

Knit across 17 (19, 19) sts. Place rem sts on holder for instep.
Work heel flap in St st for 2 ¾ (3, 3) inches; end with purl row. Bind off next row (knit row) tightly. Place last st on right ndl.

With RS facing, pu 8 (9, 9) sts along inside edge of heel flap(1st st is already on needle)- 9 (10, 10) sts. Knit 2 sts from holder, pm, work in est ribbing pattern across 13 (15, 15) sts (from holder), pm, knit last 2 sts from holder. Turn. CO 9 (10, 10) sts for other gusset. 35 (39, 39) sts.

Row 1(WS): sl1, P to marker, rib to next marker, p to end.
Row 2 (RS): sl1, K across gusset sts to 2sts before marker, k2tog, rib to next marker, (sl1, k1, psso), knit to end.
(2 sts dec'd)
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until 6 sts remain in each gusset section- Total 25 (29, 29) sts.
Rep Row 1 (WS) one time.

Row 1 (RS): sl1,(p1,k1,p1,k1,p1),slip marker, k to next marker, *p1, k1* repeat from * to end.
Row 2 (WS): sl1, rib to marker, purl to next marker, rib to end.
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 for 7 (7 ½, 8) inches from beginning of gusset shaping. End with WS row.

Row 1(RS): sl1, rib to marker, (sl1, k1, psso) 2 times, knit to 4 sts before marker, k2tog twice, rib to end. 21 (25, 25) sts remain. (4 sts dec'd)
Row 2(WS): sl1, rib to marker, purl to next marker, rib to end.
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 – 1 (2, 2) times. Remove markers on last WS row - 17sts.
Next RS row: sl1, rib 3 sts, (sl1, k1, psso) twice, k1, k2tog twice, rib to end - 13sts.
Next WS row: sl1, work as est in pattern.
Next RS row: (sl1, k1, psso) 3 times , k1, k2tog 3 times. (7sts)
BO all sts in purl.

Sew side seam of cuff, heel and gusset. Center heel on back seam of slipper bottom and center toe on front of slipper. Pin evenly around (safety pins or split ring markers work well). Use Whip Stitch to sew slipper to sole.

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