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Holiday Lights Christmas Stocking

Image of quilted Holiday Lights Christmas Stocking

Materials Needed:



Sewing Instructions

Cut two 3" x 22" strips from each of the fat quarters. Layer one red and one print strip right sides together and cut Companion Angle triangles sets. Do the same with the gold and green fabric. Repeat with remaining two strips. (Do not separate the resulting triangle pairs - they are ready to sew). There will be a total of 18 triangle pairs, 9 of red/print and 9 of green/gold.

Image of row of companion angle triangle sets

Sew triangle pairs together to form half square triangles. Press seams to one side. Sew one red/print half square triangle set to one green/gold half square triangle set to form a block. Make 9 blocks. Each block will have one triangle of each fabric.

Sew blocks into rows of 3. Press all seams to one side. Sew rows together as shown in illustration. Layer with batting and backing. Quilt as desired. Press.

Enlarge stocking pattern or trace an existing stocking on paper. Place pattern on right side of quilted piece and cut out allowing 1/2" seam allowance. From remaining pieced fabric cut cuff piece 3.5" x twice stocking top width plus 1" for seam allowance. Cut stocking back from remaining backing fabric being sure to reverse the pattern. (This may also be layered and quilted if desired).

Place stocking pieces wrong sides together and stitch around outside edges, keeping top free.

Fold cuff right sides together and stitch. Bind bottom edge of cuff and outer edge of stocking - do not bind the top of the stocking. Place cuff over top of stocking right side out and raw edges together, matching cuff seam to side seam of stocking and pin. Stitch. Bind top edge. Add tassels to top of stocking. Hang by the chimney with care!

schematic of quilt block for stocking schematic of stocking and cuff pattern superimposed on quilted fabrics schematic of stocking pattern

Don't forget to sign and date your quilt. Enjoy!

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