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Seasonal Table Topper

by Darlene Zimmerman

Image of Table Topper 1 Table Topper 2

We all love to make our home welcoming during every season of the year. What better way than to make a quick and easy table topper, using fabrics that fit each season? One pattern – many different looks. Use the table topper alone as an accent on your table, or make up the napkins with contrasting bias tape to round out the look. Both make up very quickly with a minimum of sewing and no quilting or finishing. Just sew and it’s ready for your table – or would make a lovely gift!

Materials Needed:


  • 3/8 yard each of three or four coordinating fabrics


Cutting Instructions

Step 1

Using the Simpli-EZ Square tool, fold your fabric twice and trim to a 12 ½” x 42” strip. Repeat for all fabrics.

Step 2

Using the EZ Quilting Fat Cats tool, cut a total of 12 Fat Cats wedges, using the largest size on the tool. If using three fabrics, cut four wedges of each; if using four fabrics, cut three wedges of each.

Step 3

Using the EZ Circle Cut tool, cut a 3” circle out of one of the fabrics.

Step 4

Cut one 1” wide bias strip from one of the fabrics.

Sewing Instructions

Step 1

Fold the widest edge of one wedge in half, with right sides together. Sew across the top edge with a ¼” seam, back-stitching at each end. Turn, using the bamboo pointer/creaser. Repeat with remaining wedges.

Step 2

Center the seam on the back side of the wedge. Press to make a point. Repeat with remaining wedges.

Step 3

Sew the 12 wedges together, sewing the sides with a ¼” seam, until they form a circle.

Step 4

Spray the 1” wide bias strip with spray starch. Using the ½” tip, run the strip through the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker to create ½” single fold bias tape.

Step 5

Baste the circle center onto the table topper. Cover the raw edges of the center with the newly-created bias tape, turning the end under ¼” and overlapping the beginning edge.

Step 6

Sew both sides of the bias tape down, through all thicknesses, using a decorative, buttonhole or zig-zag stitch.

Napkin Instructions

Step 1

Cut 12” squares from leftover fabrics.

Step 2

Spray starch a contrasting fabric, and then cut three 1 ½” wide bias strips for each napkin.

Step 3

Using the ¾” single fold tip, run the bias strips through the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker.

Step 4

Fold the bias tape over the raw edges of a napkin, and stitch in place using a decorative, buttonhole or zig-zag stitch, mitering the bias tape at the corners.

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