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Star Flower Quilt

60" x 72"

Image of Star Flower Quilt Image of Star Flower Quilt Grid Grid

Materials Needed:



  • ·  2 1/4 yds. Background Fabric
  • ·  1 1/4 yds. Lt. Green Print Fabric for Lattice, 9 Patch Posts & Binding
  • ·  2 3/4 yds. Red Multi Print Fabric for Stars & Border
  • ·  2 1/4 yds. Red Solid Fabric for Star Center Accent Triangles
  • ·  5 yds. Backing

Cutting Instructions

Fabrics Cut Yield
Background Fabric 201 1/2" strips9Patch Units
123 1/2" stripsStar Blocks
483 1/2" Squares
Red Multi Print Fabric 123 1/2" stripsStar Blocks
Red Solid Fabric 43 1/2" stripsStar Blocks
Lt. Green Print Fabric 131 1/2" stripsLattice Strip Units
72 3/4" stripsBinding

Layer 3 1/2" background and red multi print strips right sides together. Cut 96 triangles.

Layer remaining red multi print strips and red solid strips right sides together, cut 48 triangles. Triangles are ready to chain piece.


Block Construction

schematic of how to sew a Star BlockChain piece 96 triangle units of background and red multi print fabrics. Press seams toward red print fabric. Chain stitch 48 triangle units of red multi print fabric and red solid fabric. Press seams toward red multi print fabric.

Stitch block units together in rows adding background squares to triangle units, following diagram. Press seams as arrows indicate.

Stitch eighteen of the 1 1/2" strips of background fabric to both sides of nine of the 1 1/2" lattice strips. Press seams toward the center light green piece. From these nine units cut thirty-one 12 1/2" lattice pieces. From the leftover units cut twenty 1 1/2" pieces.

schematic of sewing strips to make lattice pieces

Stitch the four remaining 1 1/2" strips of light green print fabric on both sides of the two remaining 1 1/2" background strips. Press seams toward light green print fabric. Cut these two units into forty 1 1/2" pieces. Set aside for the 9 patch lattice posts.

schematic of strips to make lattice pieces

Sew twenty 9 patch units as shown.

schematic of lattice unit

Sew five rows of lattice strips consisting of four 9 patch units with three 12 1/2" lattice pieces between. Press seams toward lattice piece as illustrated below.

schematic: how to assemble borders with lattice

Sew four 12 1/2" lattice strips to sides of three star blocks beginning and ending each row with a lattice unit. Make four of theses rows. Sew rows together. Press seams toward lattice strips.

Piece border strips to lengths needed. Add border to top and bottom. Press seams toward border. Add border to sides. Press seams toward border.


Layer and quilt as desired.

Don't forget to sign and date your quilt! Enjoy!

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