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Sweetheart Placemats

by Darlene Zimmerman

Casual dining never looked better – these colorful placemats were designed by Darlene Zimmerman, using the EZ Quilting® Easy Scallop Acrylic Tool.

Finished Size:

16" x 19"

Fabric Requirements

– makes two placemats (requirements for four placemats in parenthesis):

Hints of Prints Background – fat quarter (1/2 yard or 2 fat quarters)
Border and Binding – 2/3 yard (1 yard)
8 Coordinating Prints – 2" x 21" strip of each print (14—2" x 21" strips)
Backing – 5/8 yard (1 ¼ yard)

Suggested Tool:

EZ Quilting™ Easy Scallop Tool 8823754

Cutting Directions:

From the Hints of Prints fat quarter cut 7 (13) 2" x 21" strips for strip sets.

Assembly Directions:

  1. Sew together 3 (5) strip sets of print-background-print. Press as shown . Cut into 2" wide units.

  2. Sew together 2 (4) strip sets of background-print-background. Press. Cut into 2" wide units.

  3. Sew the units from steps 1 and 2 together to make a total of 12 (24) nine-patches.

    8 (16) like this:

    and 4 (8) like this:

    Press as shown.
  4. Sew the nine-patches together into 4 (8) rows as pictured. Press as indicated.

  5. Using the remaining strip set units (there will be a few units left over), sew together 2 (4) sashing strips as pictured.

  6. Sew the nine-patch rows together with the sashing strip between the rows. Press as shown.


  1. From the border fabric, cut 4 (8) 3" x 42" strips. Measure and cut four borders to the length of the placemats. Sew to the longest edges of the placemats. Press toward the borders.
  2. Repeat step 1 procedure for the ends of the placemats.
  3. To mark the scalloped border, set the smallest EZ Quilting® Easy Scallop Tool™ at 4 ¾". Using a blue washout marker and working from the corner to the center, mark a scalloped edge on the longest sides of the placemats.

  4. For the shortest edges of the placemats, set the EZ Quilting® Easy Scallop Tool™ at 5 ¼". Mark the two corners (note the scallop markings will overlap at the corners, forming a rounded corner), and adjust the center scallop as needed.

  5. Baste on the marked scalloped edge, but do NOT cut on this edge.
  6. Layer, baste and quilt as desired. The placemats shown were machine quilted in the ditch in the checkerboard center. The outer edge was machine meandered.

Finishing the Quilt:

  1. Cut the remainder of the border/binding fabric on a 45 degree bias angle for bias binding. Cut binding strips 1 ¼" wide for single binding. Join the ends with diagonal seams pressed open.
  2. Leaving a 5" tail, begin sewing about 1" from the "V", aligning the binding with the marked line (and sewing ¼" below the line) with your regular ¼" foot. When you reach the bottom of the "V", stop with the needle down, lift the presser foot, and pivot the quilt and binding around the needle. Push any pleats that form behind the needle. Lower the presser foot and stitch out of the "V".

  3. Join the ends on the last scallop using the "perfect fit" binding technique. Trim the excess batting and backing to an exact ¼", then turn the binding to the wrong side and stitch down by hand. In the "V", the binding should make a little pleat.


Spray the placemats with a fabric protector. They will stay clean longer (spills wipe off) and it will repel stains. Spray both sides to make your placemats reversible!

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