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Whirligigs Quilt

by Lynette Jensen

56" x 76"

Image of Whirligigs Quilt

Materials Needed:


  • Easy Angle™ (4 1/2")
  • Quickline Ruler

    • Fabric

      • ·  1 1/2 yds. Background (1 fabric or a variety).
      • ·  1 1/2 yds. Whirligigs (1 fabric or a variety).
      • ·  1 3/4 yds. Lattice (1 fabric or a variety).
      • ·  2 yds. Border and Binding Fabric.
      • ·  4 yds. Backing.


Cutting Directions

All the blocks use 2 1/2" strips of both background fabrics and darker print fabrics cut cross-grain. The triangles are cut using the Easy Angle.

Layer a strip of background fabric with a strip of print fabric right sides together. Cut 12 half square triangles from this unit. You will use approximately 30" of the strips.

From the remaining 2 1/2" strips of print fabric cut four 2 1/2" squares.

Repeat the above two steps for each block.

From the lattice strip fabric cut 4 1/2" wide strips, 16" long. Cut 17 strips.

Cut twelve 4 1/2" square intersection pieces.

From outside border fabric cut 5 1/2" wide strips cross-grain and piece to fit outside dimensions of quilt.

Block Construction

1/4" seam allowances used throughout.

Chain piece triangle units together. Clip apart and press seams toward darker fabric.

schematic of quilt block constructionSew units made from the half square triangles to the 2 1/2" squares in rows 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then attach rows (see Illustration 1).

Press the seams in rows 1 through 4 in alternating directions as arrows indicate. Some bulk at seam intersections can be eliminated.

Construct all blocks needed for quilt. Square off blocks so all measure the same.

Top Assembly

schematic of assembling quilt blocksSew four blocks together. Attach horizontal lattice strips between four block units. Press seams toward lattice pieces (see illustration 2).

Sew 4 1/2" intersection pieces between vertical lattice pieces. Press seams toward lattice pieces.

schematic of quilt constructionAttach vertical lattice strips to block units with horizontal lattice strips attached. Press seams toward lattice strips.

Piece border pieces to fit dimensions of quilt. Add borders to top and bottom and then to sides. Press seams toward borders.

Quilt Assembly

Piece backing fabric to size desired allowing a few extra inches on all four sides of quilt top dimensions.

Layer the back, batting and pieced top. Baste layers together and quilt or tie. Bind edges.

Don't forget to sign and date your quilt! Enjoy!
Quilt Grid:Whirligigs Quilt

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