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Five Pointed Star Step Stool

Designed by Mimi Shimp

Use for stool, pillow front, or wall hanging.

finished size fits stool 15" in diameter

fabric requirements

  • 24" square of dark wool for outer edge of stool
  • 5-1/2" x 16" strip for star points
  • 4" x 25" strip for star background
  • Button for center



STEP 1 Cutting Star Point (A): Cut one strip 5-1/2" x 16". Cut 5 star points from this strip.

STEP 2 Cutting Background (B): Cut one strip 4" x 25". Cut 5 background sections from this strip.

STEP 3 Cutting Setting Square (C): Normally a 12-1/2" square would be used for the setting square, but for this footstool, we need the outer fabric larger. Cut a 24" square of fabric, fold into quarters to find the center. Line dashed fold lines on the folded edges of the square. Cut curve. Cut only on the inside of the template.

Tip: Sewing accurate 1/4" seams are a must. All these units are sewn together with set-in seams, which means you will be sewing from seam allowance to seam allowance instead of edge to edge. It would be helpful to mark the seam allowances on the wrong side of the fabric to help you determine where to start/stop sewing. Backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam.

STEP 4 Star: Join two star points right sides together. Stitch from seam intersection to seam intersection. Press seam toward the left. Repeat this with the other two points and then add the third point. Join the two sections together. The seams should all spin around the center.

STEP 5 Star Background: Set background pieces into star, matching seam intersection dots. It is best to stitch from the outside of the point into the center. Press the star with background.

STEP 6 Setting the Square: Lay completed star right side up with the center point of the star pointing up. Fold the star into quarters and mark the four quarters. Do the same with the circle cut out of the square. Match and pin the quarter sections together, easing the fabric between the sections. Stitch with the star on top.

STEP 7 Sew button to center, then place the footstool cover over the stool. Pull the fabic around to the back side and staple in place around the inner bottom edge. Trim off excess fabric.

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