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Palm Branches

Designed by Darlene Zimmerman and pieced by Sue Rivers



The Tall Triangle tool will cut triangles for divided rectangles that are 3 times as tall as they are wide. For example, a 9" tall triangle will finish to 3" wide.


Step 1: Cut strips 1/2" wider than the finished height of the Tall Triangle unit (EX: For a finished 6" Tall Triangle unit, cut strips 6-1/2" wide).

Step 2: Align the top of the tool at the top of the strip and a line on the tool with the bottom of the strip. Cut along the diagonal edge.

Step 3: Also, before moving the Tall Triangle tool, cut off the "magic angle" at the top left corner of the tool. Cut accurately, as it is a positioning guide for sewing.

Step 4 : For the next cut, rotate the Tall Triangle tool so the top of the tool is aligned at the bottom of the strip. A line on the tool should align with the top of the strip. Cut along the straight edge of the tool. Trim off the "magic angle" as before. Continue cutting triangles in this manner.

NOTE: For both right and left facing Tall Triangles, cut pairs from the fabric folded as it comes off the bolt. Cut pairs from all your fabric strips.

Step 5: To sew, take two matching Tall Triangles (but different fabrics), and turn one triangle upside down, then place it right sides together with the first triangle. Match the "magic angle" on both triangles to the wide bottom end of the other triangle. The "magic angle" should fit exactly into both corners. Sew an exact 1/4" seam. Press.

finished size 51-1/2" square

fabric requirements

  • Red print: 2-2/3 yds.
  • White print: 1-2/3 yds.
  • Backing: 3-1/8 yds.
  • Batting: twin size


cutting directions

assembling the blocks (make 16)

STEP 1 Assemble all the red/white Tall Triangles. Make 32 of each size; half will face one direction, half the other. Press toward the red triangles.


STEP 2 Sew one of the 4-1/2" Tall Triangles to the right side of the 4-1/2" white square. Press toward the white square.

STEP 3 Sew a 1-7/8" red square to the opposite 4-1/2" Tall Triangle. Press toward the small square.

STEP 4 Sew the Step 3 unit to the Step 2 unit, pressing the seam towards the Tall Triangle.

STEP 5 Trim all the 6" Tall Triangles to 5-7/8" long, or the same size as the block in Step 4 above. (Trim off the end with the widest red triangle). Sew one of the 6" Tall Triangles to the right side of the Step 4 square. Press toward the piece just added.

STEP 6 Sew a 2-3/8" red square to the opposite 6" Tall Triangle. Press toward the Tall Triangle. Sew this unit to the Step 5 unit, pressing the seam open. Trim the block to 7-1/2" square, trimming on the red edges only.


STEP 7 Sew the 7-1/2" Tall Triangles and the 2-7/8" square to the block in the same manner as before. Trim the block on the red edges only to 9-3/4" square. Repeat Steps 1-7 to make a total of 16 blocks.


cutting directions for sashing and borders

assembling the quilt

STEP 1 Sew the blocks together in pairs with the 3" x 9-3/4" white sashing strips. Make 8 pairs. Press toward the sashing strips.

STEP 2 Sew 4 horizontal sashing strips of white 3" x 9-3/4" strips and red 3" cornerstones. Press toward the white sashing strips.

STEP 3 Sew the block pairs from Step 1 to the horizontal sashing strips from Step 2. Press the seams toward the sashing strips. Make 4 large blocks.

STEP 4 Sew the large blocks together with the 2" x 21-1/2" red sashing strips and 2" white cornerstone in the same manner as the blocks were constructed. Press the seams toward the red sashing strips.

STEP 5 Measure the quilt through the width, then piece and trim two 4-1/2" wide red borders to this length. Sew to the top and bottom of the quilt. Press toward the borders.

STEP 6 In the same manner, measure, trim and sew 4-1/2" wide red border strips the length of the quilt. Sew to the sides of the quilt. Press toward the borders.

finishing the quilt

STEP 1 Piece a backing that is at least 4" larger than the quilt top. Trim the batting to this size. Layer the backing wrong side up, the batting and the quilt top right side up. Baste.

STEP 2 Quilt as desired.

STEP 3 Hand or machine baste (with a walking foot) a scant 1/4" from the edge of the quilt to prevent the layers from shifting when the binding is sewn on.

binding the quilt

STEP 1 Diagonally piece the binding strips and press the seams open. Fold the binding in half, wrong sides together and press to make a double binding.

STEP 2 Sew the binding to the quilt with a 1/4" seam, mitering the corners and joining the ends with the "Perfect Fit" binding technique. See General Instructions for more information.

STEP 3 Trim the excess batting and backing, turn the binding to the back side and stitch the binding down by hand with matching thread.

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