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How to Make a Bike Basket Liner

designed by Simplicity Creative Group




Bike Basket Liner
Keep it all together in style, with a custom bike basket liner that shows off your personal style while it helps hold everything securely while you're on the go. We suggest mid-weight cotton twill, denim, or even laminated fabrics in fun colors and prints.

You will need:

NOTE: Read instructions carefully before starting this project. Seam allowance (1/2") is included in measurements.

Making the Pattern:

  1. With the basket placed upside down, measure the height of the basket. Measure the length of the basket. Measure the width of the basket. To get the size you need add:
      Height + Length + Height + 6" = length needed
      Height + Width + Height + 6" = width needed
    Cut a rectangle to the length and width of fabric needed; you may need to tape pieces of paper together in order to get the size rectangle for the pattern.

  2. Draw lines dividing the rectangle in half in both directions.

  3. Draw a line on all four sides 3" from the outer edge.

  4. Using the measurement of the length and width of the bottom of the basket, draw the size of the bottom in the center of the paper.

  5. Measure the length and width of the top of the basket at the rim. Mark the size on the 3" line.

  6. Draw a line from the basket bottom corners to the 3" line and continue to the end of the paper.

  7. Cut out the darts. This is the pattern for the bike basket liner. Measure the pattern to determine the amount of fabric you will need.

Making the Bike Basket Liner:

  1. Using the pattern, cut one of fabric and one of lining.
  2. With RIGHT sides together, pin and sew the 4 corners together at the darts. Repeat with lining.
  3. Mark the center of the sides, and then mark 1/2" from both sides of the center mark. This will be for the drawstrings.
  4. With RIGHT sides together, sew the basket cover to the lining along the top edge, leaving an opening on one side for turning and leaving a 1" opening at the drawstring marking. Turn right side out, press and hand stitch the turning opening closed.
  5. To make the casing channel, stitch all around the top edge of the cover, 5/8" from the top.
  6. Cut the cording in half to create two drawstrings. Using a safety pin, feed one drawstring through the casing opening on one side, going around the basket cover and exiting from the same opening. Tie the two ends of the drawstring together. Repeat with other drawstring on the other side of the cover.

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