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Embellished Jean Shorts




Embellished Jean Shorts
Breathe new life into old jean shorts with trims that add a little pretty and a little rock-n-roll. Use cut-offs you already have, or chop an old pair of jeans and get started!

Materials Needed:


  1. With shorts RIGHT side out, place trim underneath bottom edge of shorts leg so that 1/2" of trim peeks out.
  2. Pin lace in place starting at the inner leg seam, going around edge of leg until ends meet. Overlap ends 1/8".
  3. Sew trim in place, keeping stitching as close to the bottom edge of the shorts leg as possible. Repeat on other leg.
  4. If using stud trim, cut studs apart. Lay individual studs out on shorts as desired.
  5. Glue studs in place individually.

Care Instructions:

    Hand wash and dry flat

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