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Fabric Flowers Pattern 1601












With Simplicity pattern 1601 you can sew a bouquet of beautiful fabric flowers that can be used for fashion accessories, home accents and holiday décor. Start with the projects shown here and get inspired – the creative possibilities are endless!


Flower Frame Wreath




Materials Needed:

  • Fabric flowers sewn from Simplicity Pattern 1601 in a variety of sizes and colors – we used 15 flowers total
  • 15 (fifteen) strips of coordinating 2" x 6" fabric or 2-1/2 yards of 2" wide ribbon
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Canvas stretcher frame – we used one measuring 16" x 20"
  • Note: canvas stretchers are available in the art supply section of your favorite craft store. They can be purchased in the length and width you wish.


  1. Starting at one corner, place and rearrange flowers until you are pleased with the result.

  2. Secure each flower in place with hot glue.
  3. With WRONG sides together, loosely fold each fabric strip to form a loop, as shown here.

  4. Tuck loops in between the flowers on the outer edge of the frame to fill any gaps. Secure in place with hot glue.

Garden Wall Hanging




Materials Needed:

  • Fabric flowers sewn from Simplicity Pattern 1601 in a variety of sizes and colors – we used 15 flowers total
  • One 20" x 40" piece of foam core or cardboard
  • 1 yard of 45" wide burlap fabric
  • Masking tape
  • 3 yards of medium or large rick rack trim
  • Purchased wooden picket fence sections (available in the floral section of your favorite craft store) – we used two 18" sections


  1. Cover the foam core/cardboard base with burlap, using tape or hot glue to secure in place on the BACK of the board. Trim excess fabric as needed to reduce bulk, but leave at least 2" around on all sides to ensure smooth, secure wrapping.

  2. Starting approximately 1-1/2" to 2" from the lower edge, hot glue the fence as shown on the RIGHT side of the wall hanging.

  3. Hot glue rick rack along bottom edge of picket fence as shown – this will be the grass.

  4. Place flowers on burlap and fencing as desired – when you are happy with the arrangement, secure each flower in place with hot glue.
  5. Create flower stems with remaining rick rack, securing in place with hot glue as you go. Take time to plan the placement, using gentle curves and changing directions as desired.

  6. Prop your wall hanging on a decorative ledge, or add a purchased picture hanger to the back and hang directly on the wall.

Embroidery Hoop Art




Materials Needed:


  1. Center the print on the inner embroidery hoop as desired – we recommend focusing on a central figure or motif for best results.
  2. Pull the fabric taut and place the outer embroidery hoop to hold the fabric in place, being sure that the tension bar on the hoop is at the top of the picture. Trim fabric, leaving 1" excess all around.

  3. Pull the excess fabric to the WRONG side and hot glue securely to the inside of the inner hoop.

  4. Tie the tassels in the tension bar and hot glue mini puff ball trim around the outside of the outer hoop as shown.

  5. Glue fabric and small decorative flowers on the front of your artwork as desired – the number of flowers you will need and how they will be placed will depend on your fabric choice.

Burlap Wreath




Materials Needed:


  1. Measure and mark strips of burlap measuring 3" wide by 45" long. Cut along lines with scissors or rotary cutter. Time Saving Tip: use the Simplicity® Rotary Cutting Machine to cut even strips quickly and easily.

  2. Using one strip at a time and anchoring the end to the wreath using straight pins, wrap the burlap around the wreath to cover, wrapping at an angle and overlapping edges as you go along. Once the wreath has been completely wrapped fold under the end and secure with hot glue and pins.

  3. Make a double-loop bow from remaining burlap strips, folding as shown.

  4. Pinch the bow at the center and tie with cord, trimming off the excess and saving for later. Clip the tails of the bow into a "V" shape as shown.

  5. Hot glue bow to wreath as desired. Hot glue flower over center of the bow.
  6. Use the remainder of the cord to form a loop for hanging.

Burlap Stocking




Materials Needed:


  1. Cut and sew stocking according to the pattern and instructions provided in holiday stocking Simplicity pattern 2545.
  2. Place the flower on the top of the stocking as shown, close to the hanging loop of the stocking. Hand sew to secure.

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