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Faux Necklace Top

Girl's Top Embellished with Necklace Trims

Every girl needs a little glitter! Give a touch of shine to any top, dress or jumper with fabulous beaded and rhinestone trim, placed perfectly as a built-in necklace. Our measurements are to achieve the look pictured here, but you can add or subtract as many strands as you like. Substitute chain for beads, hanging rhinestones for coins, whatever strikes your fancy. The look shown here starts with pattern #2156, a fun layered look for Child and Girls sizes that includes a jumper, knit top and leggings.

Materials Needed:

  • 1-1/8 yard of Continuous Bead Trim - we used 1863295
  • 1-1/8 yard of 1/8" wide Rhinestone Trim - we used 1863343
  • 3/8 yard of 7/8" wide ribbon - we used 222415
  • 1/2 yard of Coin Fringe - we used 1861090
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Matching Thread
  • Thread Clipper or Small Scissors
  • Transparent Tape
  • >

Cutting Instructions:

  1. Cut the continuous bead trim into two strands: one measuring 18" long, the other measuring 20" long.
  2. Cut the rhinestone trim into two strands: one measuring 19” long, the other measuring 21” long.
  3. Tie the ribbon in a bow, making the finished bow as big or as small as you want. Once you’ve gotten the desired size, trim the ends off; trim at an angle to keep the ribbon from fraying.
  4. Cut the individual coins off of the coin fringe, so you have several separate coin charms to play with. You can keep the twill tape from the fringe for use in a later project.

Assembly Instructions

  1. With the garment lying flat, place the 18" strand of continuous bead trim across the front of the neckline, placing the ends of the trim at each shoulder seam. Hand-tack the ends of the bead trim to the shoulders, tacking in between the beads.
  2. Place the 19" strand of rhinestone trim across the front of the neckline, placing the ends on the shoulder seams, each end of rhinestone trim just outside the bead trim ends. Hand-tack the rhinestone trim ends to the shoulders, tacking in between the rhinestones.
  3. Repeat with the 20" strand of continuous bead trim and 21" strand of rhinestone trim, until you have all four strands attached at the shoulders.
  4. Sew the ribbon bow to one shoulder, just covering the trim ends.
  5. You will notice that the rhinestones are held together by two strands of threads; carefully clip only the lower threads in between each rhinestone. This will allow the trim to hang freely and the rhinestones will lie flat, each rhinestone facing out.
  6. Hang the garment on a hanger, letting the trim strands hang naturally. Hand-tack the trim to the body of the garment in several places, keeping the natural drape of the trim. This will secure the trim to the garment, eliminating the risk of catching it on furniture, doorknobs, etc.
  7. With the garment hanging, arrange the coins as charms as desired. Use transparent tape to hold each charm in place.
  8. Once you have the look you want, hand-tack the charms to the body of the garment.

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