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How to Make a Girls' Ribbon and Daisy Trim Headband

daisy headband

Materials Needed:

Be sure to read through all of the instructions before cutting and sewing.

Cutting Instructions

Step 1. Cut a length of ribbon 15" long.

Step 2. Cut a length of elastic measuring 7" long.

Step 3. Cut a length of venice daisy trim measuring nine daisies long, approximately 10".

Sewing Instructions

Step 1. Turn under ends of ribbon 1/2". Lap these ends over each end of elastic 1/2", forming a circle; securely hand sew in place. Wrap long overlapped ribbon edges around to back of elastic and tack in place.

Step 2.Center venice daisy trim over ribbon, ?with end daisies spaced equally from end of ribbon, where ribbon meets elastic.

Step 3. Tack daisies to ribbon, tacking through the center of each daisy and at the ends.

Fitting Tip

If headband fits too loosely on your child, form a small pleat in the elastic until the headband fits snugly. Tack pleat in place.

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