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How to Make a Heavy Metal Necklace

image of woman wearing heavy metal necklace image of metal chain necklace

Materials Needed:

  • 3 1/4 Yards of Heavy Chain
  • 2 Yards of Fused Bead Chain
  • 2 Yards of Medium Chain
  • 1 1/4 Yards of matching Soutache Braid
  • Fine gauge silver or aluminum wire
  • Jewelry Pliers and Side Cutter or the Value Pack Tool Set
  • Lobster Clasp and Jump Ring (Optional)

Read through all of the instructions before cutting and sewing.


Step 1. Cut a length of heavy silver chain 24” long. Fold chain in half and mark the link at center.

Step 2. Cut soutache into two equal lengths.

Step 3. Starting at each end of cut chain, weave soutache though links, having ends come out at a link near center. Knot ends of soutache together near link and trim, leaving 2” free. Knot each end separately.

Step 4. On remaining ends of chain, knot each end of soutache twice, leaving 1” unknotted. Trim ends. If you prefer, apply seam sealant to finish cut edges.

Step 5. Cut fused bead chain into four 18” lengths. Cut medium silver chain in same manner. Cut remaining heavy silver chain in same manner.

Step 6. Secure a 6” length of wire to each end of one bead chain section, wrapping tightly around end two times.

Step 7. Attach each end of bead chain to knot of heavy silver chain by wrapping wire several times around knot.

Step 8. Prepare a length of medium chain in the same manner as Step 6, except wrap wire around end of link. Secure to knotted ends over ends of bead chain except wrap wire underneath knot.

Step 9. Prepare and secure remaining bead and medium chain sections to knot in the same manner as Step 8. If correctly done, the strands of chains will cover the knots.

Step 10. SSlide ends of heavy chain close to knot.

Step 11. Place necklace around your neck. Adjust the length by sliding the links of the heavy chain along the soutache. Knot ends of soutache close to link.

Step 12. OR, as an alternative fastener, determine the finished length of your necklace. Cut off the excess chain, making two separate heavy chain sections, being careful not cut soutache. Slide off excess chain and knot soutache close to ends. Attach a lobster clasp and jump ring to each end.

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