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How to Make a Medallion Necklace

image of medallion necklace

Materials Needed:

Read through all of the instructions before cutting and sewing.


Step 1. Cut a length of satin cord, 40" long. Coil cord into a disc having edges close to each other. Hold coil in shape by inserting pins through coil, catching all layers.

Step 2. Cut out a square of interfacing large enough to cover coil. Hand-sew outer edge of coil cord to interfacing, keeping stitches invisible on outside of coil. Hand-sew center in place.

Step 3. Fuse interfacing to coil, following manufacturer’s directions.

Step 4. Carefully trim away excess interfacing, being careful not to cut cord. This will be center medallion.

Step 5. Cut remaining cord into four equal lengths. Make each length into a medallion in the same manner as center.

Step 6. Working on a flat surface and with interfaced side facing you, arrange two smaller medallions on each side of center medallion, forming a slight curve. Tack side edges of medallions together with a couple of stitches.

Step 7. On outside, sew three bugle beads where medallions are tacked together, keeping beads flat and ends even.

Step 8. Pin trim over outer edges of medallions and beads, turning under ends evenly to finish. Hand-sew all edges of trim in place, keeping stitches as invisible as possible.

Step 9. On outside of each medallion, sew five bugle beads at center, having ends radiate outward. Sew a pearl between each bead at ends.

Step 10. Sew ends of chain to ends of medallions on underside.

Step 11. Place completed necklace on and enjoy your new creation!

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