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Roll-Up Picnic Blanket




Roll-Up Picnic Blanket
Pair a store-bought table cloth with fun printed fabric and Wrights® bias double fold quilt binding to sew this versatile picnic blanket the rolls up into a compact bundle, ready to go.

Materials Needed:


  1. Pre-wash and dry the table cloth and fabric to pre-shrink.
  2. Cut the fabric into two pieces, each measuring 50" x 36-1/2".
  3. With RIGHT sides together, place the fabric lengths together along one short end, matching cut edges. Pin in place.
  4. With a straight machine stitch, stitch together in a 1/2" seam. Press seam to blend stitches and then press seam open. The resulting rectangle measures 50" x 72".
  5. With RIGHT sides together, line up table cloth and fabric rectangle, matching all cut edges. Pin in place.
  6. With a straight machine stitch, stitch along all four edges in a 1/2" seam, leaving a 6" long opening for turning. Press stitches to blend and clip corners to remove excess bulk.
  7. Turn picnic blanket RIGHT side out. Press edges flat, pressing the seam allowances of the opening to the INSIDE.
  8. Bind edges with quilt binding, as directed on package. The binding will enclose the opening.
  9. Cut a length of quilt binding measuring 25" long. Using a straight machine stitch, edge stitch open side closed, sewing through all thicknesses. This will be the tie for the rolled-up blanket.
  10. Find the center of one short side of the picnic blanket by folding in half and placing a pin at the fold. Place the tie on the table cloth side of the blanket at the pin marking and sew securely in place.
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