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Shining Collar Tee




Shining Collar Tee
Create a faux collar on your favorite tee to give it an instant update – bright sequins on a graphic stripe gives casual wear a luxe look.

Materials Needed:


  1. If new, launder and dry tee shirt; this will pre-shrink the shirt if needed before any embellishment is placed.
  2. Lay the tee shirt on a flat surface and measure to find the center front of the neckline. Mark with a pin.
  3. Draw out half of the collar shape you desire on paper and cut out to use as a template.
  4. Using fabric marker or pen, trace the collar shape you have made onto the tee shirt, flipping the template at the center front and matching the shapes at the pin to create a symmetrical collar.
  5. Place a dab of glue where the outline you've drawn meets the shoulder seam of the tee shirt and place first row of sequin trim. Use glue to help form the first sequin strand.
  6. Hand sew through sequin trim at every 3 or 4 sequins to secure trim to tee shirt, making sure to sew down the first and last sequins of each row.
  7. Start filling in the collar shape with strands of sequins, starting at the outside and working your way in. Continue to sew down at every 3 or 4 sequins to secure until collar shape is completely filled in.

Care Instructions:

    Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, lay flat to dry.

Gold Sequin Collar
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