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Single Seam Dress with Straps




Single Seam Dress with Straps
Use pre-shirred, elasticized fabric for a comfortable, easy sundress that sews up in a snap. Shoulder straps made from Simplicity® Cluny lace trim adds just the right finishing touch.

Materials Needed:


  1. Measure the bust or chest, measuring all around the body. Subtract 2" from this measurement. This is the amount of fabric needed. NOTE: When purchasing fabric be sure to measure from the SHIRRED side of the fabric to purchase the correct yardage.
  2. With the RIGHT sides of the fabric facing each other, match and pin the cut edges together, forming a tube.
  3. Using a straight machine stitch, stitch the pinned edge in a 1/2" seam. Press seam to blend stitching, and then press the seam open.
  4. Turn the dress RIGHT side out. Try on dress and hem to desired length.
  5. Cut Cluny lace trim in half, so you have two pieces of equal length. While wearing dress, place trim on shoulders as desired, with trim ends on WRONG side of bodice front and back. Pin in place.
  6. With hand sewing needle, stitch trim in place securely in front and back to form shoulder straps.
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