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Trick or Treat Cones




Trick or Treat Cones
Give a Victorian standard a new twist using Halloween fabrics and trims for a fun way to display candy and more – trick or treat!

Materials Needed:


  1. On the WRONG side of the fabric, trace a 10" circle. Cut the circle out.
  2. With WRONG sides together, fold the circle in half. Press the folded edge to form a sharp crease. Pin the curved edges together.
  3. Stitch along the curved edge using a machine zig-zag stitch. This will hold the layers together and add stiffening to the top of the cone. Press smooth.
  4. With the folded edge at the bottom, fold the semi-circle in half, matching all edges. Pin the two straight edges together, pinning through all thicknesses. This will be the seam that forms the cone.
  5. Measure 1" from the pinned edge along the top of the cone. Make a small pencil mark.
  6. Using the ruler, draw a line from the mark to the point at the bottom of the cone. Using a straight machine stitch, stitch along this line. Press the seam open.
  7. Turn cone right side out.
  8. On OUTSIDE of cone, pin ribbon at the top of the cone, overlapping 1/2" to form the hanger. Machine or hand-tack in place.
  9. Starting at the seam, place trim along the top of the cone, overlapping ends to finish. Hand or machine stitch trim in place. You can use as many trims as you like, layering them until you have the look you want.
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