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Shining Trim Belts


Shining Trim Belts
As seen in Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts® Fall/Winter 2012 FASHIONfusion Magazine. Add some glam to any outfit with belts fashioned from glittering rhinestone or shimmering sequin trim.

≡ Rhinestone Tie Belt

Materials Needed:


  1. Measure the waist all around; purchase this amount of rhinestone trim. This will ensure that the trim meets at the front when the belt is tied.
  2. Add 36" to the amount of rhinestone trim purchased; purchase this amount of ribbon. Be sure to match the widths of rhinestone trim and ribbon as closely as possible to get the best results.
  3. Fold the rhinestone trim in half to find the center; mark the center with a straight pin. Do the same with the ribbon.
  4. Matching centers, pin the trim to the right side of the ribbon, keeping the trim centered width-wise on the ribbon as you place it. This is especially important if the rhinestone trim and ribbon are not exactly the same width. There should be 18" tails of untrimmed ribbon on either side of the rhinestone trim when pinning is completed.
  5. Hand-stitch rhinestone trim to ribbon to secure.
  6. Trim ribbon ends on a diagonal to prevent the ends from fraying.
  7. Tie around waist as shown and adjust the length of the ribbon ties if needed.

≡ Sequin Trim Belt

Materials Needed:


  1. Measure the waist all around; purchase this amount of sequin trim. This will ensure that the trim meets at the ends when the belt is closed.
  2. Double the width measurement of the sequin trim and add 1"; add 5" to the length of the sequin trim. Cut a strip of fabric to these dimensions, which will be the belt backing. For example, we cut a strip measuring 6" wide and 29" long:
    • 2 ½" wide trim X 2 = 5"; plus 1" = 6" total width
    • 24" length of trim plus 5" = 29" total length
  3. Cut a strip of interfacing the same dimensions as the belt backing fabric. Following manufacturer's directions, fuse interfacing to WRONG side of belt fabric.
  4. With WRONG sides together, fold the belt backing in half widthwise, matching long cut edges and forming a long tube. Pin together and stitch in a ½" seam.
  5. Stitch one short end of belt backing in ½" seam. Press all stitches to blend; clip corners.
  6. Turn belt backing RIGHT side out and press flat.
  7. Turn remaining short ends to INSIDE of belt backing, turning under ½". Slip stitch opening closed. Press flat.
  8. Starting at one end, pin sequin trim to belt backing, keeping edges of trim and belt backing even. When complete you should have a 4" section of belt backing without trim.
  9. Hand or machine stitch sequin trim to belt backing.
  10. Place hook closures on belt backing to close belt, being sure that ends of trim meet without showing any of the belt backing. Hand stitch in place.
  11. To prevent excess belt backing from slipping out while wearing, hand sew snaps to inside of belt to keep secure.
Gold Sequin Collar
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