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Designed with Love by Sara Trail – Fascinator


Sara Trail Fascinator

Add the final touch to your glamorous prom look with a custom-designed fascinator – start with a floral embellishment and add your fabric, trims and more to make it fabulous!

You will need:

  • Synthetic floral sprig, leaf or spray - purchase a stiff, sturdy embellishment that will hold up well under the weight of additional trim
  • Narrow headband – we used Simplicity® 560111
  • Organza fabric – ¼ yard
  • Satin fabric – 18" x 4" length
  • Medium weight fusible interfacing – 18" x 4" length
  • Rhinestone trim - see instructions to determine yardage needed – we used Simplicity® trim 862140
  • Matching thread
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Assorted feathers and silk flowers, if desired


  1. Cut off the stem of your floral sprig, leaf or spray. If you are using more than one leaf or sprig, fan them out and glue together once you have the arrangement that you like.
  2. Measure the outer edge of the spray. Purchase this amount of rhinestone trim.
  3. Outline the outer edge of the spray with the rhinestone trim. With a needle and thread, whip-stitch the trim along the outer edge of the spray to hold it in place.
  4. Cut two circles of organza fabric, ranging from 9" to 12" in diameter, depending on your personal preference.
  5. With WRONG sides together, fold one organza circle in half, matching the cut edges, forming a semicircle. Using a running stitch, hand stitch along the cut (round) edge, and gather as tightly as possible, forming a puff shape. Hand-tack and knot the end to keep the gathering in place. Repeat with other organza circle.
  6. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse interfacing to the WRONG side of satin fabric. With RIGHT sides together, fold satin strip in half lengthwise, forming a tube. Hand or machine-stitch the long edge in a ½" seam. Press seam to blend stitches; turn RIGHT side out.
  7. Fold tube in half, matching the short edges and forming a circular band. Sew together in a ½" seam and press. Turn RIGHT side out.
  8. With the seam of the satin band facing you, place the organza puffs as desired and hand-sew to the satin band securely.
  9. Layer the floral embellishment on top of the organza puffs and stitch in place.
  10. Place the top of the headband on the inside of the satin band, placing it so that it lines up with the bottom of the fascinator embellishment. Using a double-thickness of thread, whip-stitch the headband to the inside of the band, making sure that it is sewn securely.
  11. On the front of the fascinator, layer flowers, feathers and other embellishments as desired, to add more interest and cover the stitching. Hot glue in place.
  12. To wear, put the fascinator on using the headband. Draw your hair through the band (a partial updo is the best hairstyle to use) and use hair pins or clips as needed to hold your fabulous new fascinator in place. Now you're ready to dance the night away!


Add the same rhinestone trim to your dress bodice as used on your fascinator for a completely coordinated prom look – we used it at the upper edge and dropped waistline seam on Designed with Love by Sara gown pattern 1875 (link to product page for 1875).

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