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Fun for Tweens Babydoll Tee

Babydoll Tee

Materials Needed:

Getting Everything Ready:

A little preparation goes a long way. Getting your tee shirt and fabric ready ahead of time makes everything much easier to work with and you'll get a better result. Take the time to do the following:

Step 1. If you are using a brand-new tee shirt, wash and dry it ahead of time. This will pre-shrink the shirt, rather than it shrinking after you've sewn on the fabric and trims. If you're using a shirt you've previously worn, you won't have to do this – chances are it's already been through the laundry.

Step 2. Press your tee shirt. It's easier to attach embellishments when everything is smooth and flat.

Step 3. Pre-wash and dry the fabric you are using, to pre-shrink it. Press it smooth with a hot iron.

Cutting Instructions:

Step 1. Turn the tee shirt INSIDE OUT before putting it on to decide where you want the seam of the babydoll top to be. You can stand in front of a mirror and draw a pencil line where you want the seam to be yourself, or you can get a friend to draw it for you. Once the line is drawn across the front of the shirt, you can take the shirt off.

Step 2. While the shirt is still INSIDE OUT, lay it flat on a table. Take your tape measure and measure from the bottom of the shirt to the pencil line all across the front to make sure that the line is straight. Adjust the line as needed.


Step 3. Turn the shirt over and lay flat. Continue the pencil line across the back, using a ruler to keep it straight. Make sure that it meets the front line at the side seams of the shirt.

Step 4. Draw a second line 1/2" below the first line. The first line will be the actual seam; the second line will be the line you cut along. This builds in the seam allowance that you will need to sew the fabric to the shirt; if you cut along the first line, the finished seam will be higher than you planned for. Once you have your lines finalized, go ahead and cut the bottom of the shirt off, cutting along the cutting line.


Step 5. Lay the fabric on a flat surface with the WRONG side facing you. Using a ruler and pencil, measure and mark two 16" squares on the fabric. Cut the squares out, cutting along the pencil lines with the pinking shears.


Tip: Using pinking shears will not only keep the fabric from raveling, it also creates a cute hem finish!

Step 6. Fold each square in half diagonally. Cut along the fold, creating two triangles from each square. You will now have four identical triangles of fabric.


Sewing Instructions:

Step 1. Using a tape measure, measure all around the lower edge of the shirt. With the RIGHT side of the fabric facing you, overlap the fabric triangles as shown, so that the long edges line up and the points are facing down. You may have to adjust how much the triangles overlap, depending on the circumference of your shirt. Once the upper edge of the overlapped triangles measure the same length as the lower edge of the shirt, pin the triangles securely together. This will be the skirt of the babydoll top.


Step 2. With RIGHT sides together, pin the skirt to the shirt, positioning the points evenly so that there are two in the front and two in the back. Using a regular straight stitch on your sewing machine, sew the skirt to the shirt in a 1/2 " seam.


Step 3. Press the seam to blend the stitches and then press the seam allowance up towards the shirt.


Step 4. Turn the top RIGHT side out. Now you're ready to add the ribbon casing. Cut a length of the 5/8" ribbon 1" longer than the circumference measurement of the shirt. Fold back each end of the ribbon 1/2" and press the folds in place.

Step 5. Starting on the front approximately 3" from the left side seam, center the ribbon over the seam and pin in place. Work your way around the shirt until the folded ends meet in the front; make sure that the ends just meet, NOT overlap.

Step 6. Stitch the ribbon to the shirt, stitching as close to both edges of the ribbon as possible. Leave the folded ends open.


Step 7. Pin a large safety pin to one end of the 3/8" wide ribbon. Insert the pin through one end of the casing and use it to guide the ribbon all the way through, coming out through the other end. Pull the ends of the ribbon until they're even, and tie them in a bow as desired.


Tip You may want to knot the ends of the ribbon, especially before attaching the safety pin. Some ribbons are more delicate and can fray or rip, making it difficult to pull them all the way through the casing.

Step 8. Pin decorative pins over the casing opening as shown in the photo.


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