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How to Make a Leopard Belt

image of leopard belt

Materials Needed:

The above amounts are to make a belt that fits a waist up to 34".


Step 1. Center trim over webbing, having two ends even. Stitch close to long edges of trim. Cut off excess trim with end of webbing and set aside. If you prefer, finish cut ends of webbing with a zig zag stitch.

Step 2. Slip one end of prepared webbing over post of buckle, folding under 2". Pin. Stitch across end 1/2" from finished end. Stitch 1/4" inside first stitching.

Step 3. Turn under 5/8" on opposite end of belt. Stitch in place close to finished edge.

Step 4. For belt loop, cut a piece of trim 2" long.

Step 5. Fold trim in half, having ends even. Using a zipper foot, stitch 1/8" from ends.

Step 6. Slide loop onto belt, placing seam of loop on underside and sliding loop close to buckle.

Step 7. Wrap belt around your waist and fasten to the desired fit. Enjoy your new belt!

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