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How to Make a Pleather Belt

image of woman wearing pleather belt image of pleather belt

Materials Needed:

The above amounts are to make a belt that fits a waist up to 34".


Step 1. Separate buckle. Slip one end of belting through post of buckle and turn under 1". Hold end in place with a paper clip.

Step 2. Attach the zipper foot to your sewing machine. Stitch across belting close to post.

Step 3. Slide remaining end of belting over post of remaining buckle section and turn under 1" one end. Hold end in place with a paper clip.

Step 4. Try belt on. Fasten the buckle. Adjust the length to your preferred fit. Paper clip end in place.

Step 5. Unfasten buckle. Cut off any extra belting, leaving a 1" end. Stitch in place same as previously stitched end.

Step 6. If you prefer, cut excess belting close to stitching.

Step 7. Wrap belt around your waist, fasten the buckle and enjoy your new belt!

This beautiful classic belt can be personalized by adding nail heads, studs or eyelets! For a dramatic glam look, hand-sew or glue jewels with an aurora borealis finish!

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